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About BikeBox

BikeBox started its activities in February 2020 in the glorious hero city of Chernihiv, Ukraine.

The young team with the best: designers, technologists, specialists in electronics, welding, as well as scientists who develop and implement advanced solutions in the field of electric transport and mechanical engineering of the city – united a common idea and desire to create a unique product for the Ukrainian market.


In a short time, having received inspiration, a whole line of various electric vehicles was released:

  • Electric bicycles with a choice of different functionality
  • Cargo electric bicycles
  • Electric drift trike
  • Small-class electric go-karts and high-power electric go-karts
  • Electric buggy
  • Electric boat

At the end of 2021, it grew from a university startup into a Ukrainian company with a vector of development not only in the Ukrainian market, but also far beyond its borders.

BikeBox 2022

We continue to develop and recover together with Ukraine!

Constant improvement and introduction of new production methods allowed us not only to significantly expand the range of products, but also to qualitatively update the range of existing electric vehicles.

The main goal is to improve and create innovative solutions in the electric transport industry. Our team has an active social position and is actively promoting electric transport among ordinary Ukrainians.

The priority activity of our company is the production of cargo (cargo) electric bicycles, which are distinguished by high performance and low power consumption. Due to their special design, cargo trucks will become the main assistant in the mobile delivery of restaurant dishes, food and other goods with maximum benefit for business owners.

In addition, to selling cargo and other mobile electric vehicles, it is here that you will find cargo electric bicycles, electric moped, electric carting, electric bicycles, and drift trikes for rent on the most favorable terms.

BIKEBOX invites everyone to enjoy the high performance of quality electric vehicles. Already today, we have managed to provide powerful drift trikes, electric bicycles and electric scooters for rental, help in choosing the first battery-powered transport for the smallest motorists and design a unique electric transport to order for fast driving and participation in competitions

Our Team

Thomas Gilbert

Logistics Manager

Jenny Wallace

Operarions Manager

Mary Dalton

Sales Manager

Anna Green

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BikeBox LLC

2, Shiroka Str., Chernihiv, 14021, Ukraine